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Can You Answer These 3 Questions About Your Warehouse Management❓

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, May 25, 2017

Does your warehouse have a positive impact on your efficiency and profitability? Or is it a drag on your bottom line?

If your answer is “I’m not sure,” you’re not alone. Many manufacturers and industrial companies who warehouse parts and products don’t have the data and transparency they need to accurately evaluate their warehousing processes. The result is an inefficient warehouse, which can hurt your cash flow and your margins.

Gather Data ➜ Implement Strategies ➜ Improve Performance

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☂️ Why You Should Carry Supplemental Umbrella Insurance on Your Cargo

Posted by Bill Morgan on Mon, May 15, 2017

It’s the news no company wants to get about their cargo. The products arrived damaged at their destination. You may have to reroute products from your warehouses to make up for the loss. Or you may have to reproduce the entire order. Either way, the issue is going to be costly.

Your immediate concern may be to correct the issue and get new product to your customer. After that, though, you’ll likely want to find out where the damage happened and how it occurred. Then you’ll probably want to identify the liable party and pursue any possible damages.

Your cash flow isn’t interrupted and your
working capital doesn’t take a hit.

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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Vendor 🛒

Posted by Bill Morgan on Mon, May 8, 2017

Are you searching for a new vendor? It's never an easy process. You need a vendor who can meet your needs, deliver on your schedule, and fit within your budget. Very often, you can't really know whether a vendor will meet all of your criteria until after you have already started working with them.

During your search phase, how can you tell whether a vendor really aligns with your objectives? It's helpful to have a plan in place before you start talking to potential vendors. Define your top priorities. Identify potential red flags are warning signs. Have a clear idea of what you want and what is most important to you.

Think of service in terms of partnership.

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📦 Your Vendor Shipments are Arriving Out of Sequence. What’s the Solution?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, May 4, 2017

Mike Tyson isn't known for his business wisdom. However, he could have easily been talking about industrial projects when he said of one of his opponents, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Even the best-laid plans for industrial projects are meaningless if the plan isn't executed properly. You may have even seen this firsthand. You spend months, maybe even years, developing a plan for your project. And then, as soon as it is time to execute the plan, something goes awry. It can be frustrating, but effectively managing surprises is one of the keys to a successful outcome.

Vendors don't always operate on your schedule, though. A vendor providing materials for a later phase task may send the shipment as soon as it's ready, much earlier than you needed.

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Is Your Cargo Safe Inside the Ship Hold? ⚠️

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Apr 27, 2017

If you import parts, products, or materials from overseas, it’s likely your cargo will end up in a ship hold at some point in the supply chain. Cargo ships are commonly used for transporting goods from Asia and other international production sites to the United States. When your cargo is loaded onto a ship, it’s usually stored in the hold, the large storage space under the deck.

You would assume that a ship hold would be the safest possible location for your cargo. After all, most ship holds are ventilated and durable.
As soon as the cargo makes it onto the ship, it should be protected against most types of damage, right?

Not necessarily.

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🏗 Your Guide to Planning a Successful Plant Relocation

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Apr 20, 2017

Are you relocating to a new facility? There are few things more stressful, costly, and time-consuming in the industrial world than plan relocation. While the new facility may offer more space, greater capacity, and perhaps increased efficiency, the process of moving into that facility could pose any number of risks. Your production could be disrupted. Equipment or inventory could be damaged. Costs could run over projections.

It doesn’t have to be this way. As is the case with most projects, the key to a successful relocation lies in the planning. You probably have documentation for every process in your facility, from product design to production to distribution and more. Your relocation should be no different.

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Thermoforming Part 2: Producing, Packaging, & Shipping Your New Forms 📦

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Apr 12, 2017

Thermoforming is a popular and effective strategy for any company that needs to produce plastic packaging or plastic component parts. Despite its popularity, though, there are still many manufacturers and industrial companies that don’t fully understand thermoforming’s benefits and exactly how it works. In this two-part blog series, we remove some of the mystery surrounding thermoform strategies.

In Part 1, we talked about the initial phases of any thermoform strategy: prototyping and tooling. Because thermoform packages and parts can be built to your custom specifications, it’s critical to get the planning stages right. Every thermoform supplier’s process may vary.

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📊 How Well Did Your Last Retail Display Perform?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Apr 6, 2017

The promo display is a hot-ticket item for any consumer company that sells to big-box retailers. Whether it’s an end cap, a standalone island, or popup display in the aisle, a promo display can help you gain share, win new buyers, and boost sales.

Major retailers understand the value of unique promo displays, which is why they let their vendors compete for the limited space available. Promo displays may be an important part of your distribution and marketing strategy, but they can also be costly. You may have to offer substantial discounts to the retailer or even pay outright for the space.

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🕑 4 Ways to Deliver Your Industrial Product On-Time, Every Time

Posted by Bill Morgan on Tue, Mar 28, 2017

It’s happened again. You’ve missed a customer’s deadline. Maybe it was close and you only missed it by a day. Or perhaps it was off by a week or more. Either way, you weren’t able to meet customer expectations, and that could be a big problem.

Your customers may be forgiving if you miss a deadline here or there. However, in a highly competitive industrial environment, many customers will quickly lose trust in you if you repeatedly miss deadlines.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Optimize Your Supply Chain 📈

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Mar 22, 2017

When’s the last time you analyzed your supply chain? Your supply chain may always be on your mind and you might be involved in it on a regular basis. But when is the last time you and your team committed time to review your supply chain’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop an action plan?

Obviously, your supply chain influences nearly every aspect of your business, from quality to turnaround times to profitability. An inefficient or poor-performing supply chain can impact your relationship with customers and even your ability to compete.

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