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As president of Deufol North America, Bill Morgan is focused on building and empowering teams to drive growth. He worked for 15 years in marketing, both B2B and direct to consumer, before he took on a leadership role in the manufacturing space. Bill has solved complex business initiatives that have generated tens of millions of dollars for Deufol and resulted in breakthrough solutions for his clients.
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Why Now is the Right Time to Make the Switch to Returnable Dunnage

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Nov 9, 2017

Cardboard. Shredded paper. Bubble wrap. Styrofoam peanuts. You probably know them as the excess materials you have to throw away every time you open a package. Dunnage is a necessary component in most packages. It protects the container contents from vibration, moisture, and other quality risks.

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Categories: Engineering Services

Process Map Your Machine Shop for Improved Quality and Margins

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Nov 2, 2017

Quality, speed, and cost-efficiency. Those are the three key ingredients in any successful machine shop. If your shop can deliver high-quality products on tight deadlines and with healthy margins, it’s likely to be an effective and successful operation.

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Categories: Engineering Services

How to Maximize ROI With Preventive Maintenance

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Oct 26, 2017

A packaging automation project comes with big investment, but it can also bring big returns. You may need to invest significant capital, time, and effort to implement your automated line. However, the payoff is reduced labor costs, improved quality and consistency, and higher margins.

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Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Automating Your Packaging Process

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Oct 18, 2017

Since nearly the beginning of time, humans have used automation to drive increased productivity and results. The ancient Greeks implemented the first recorded instance of automation by using water to power clocks. Automation at scale came in the 18th century, with the introduction of automated windmills, looms, and mills. In 1785, the world saw its first fully automated production process in a flour mill.

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How to Choose an Industrial Packaging Engineering Firm

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Oct 12, 2017

(Pictured: Tough Packs Solved: Custom Packaging a 350 Ton Steam Power Generator)

Is it time to hire an industrial packaging engineering firm? That could be a wise decision. Rather than hire an in-house engineer, you may want to consider outsourcing that work to a packaging engineering firm. An engineering firm implements solutions across your entire packaging process. They can rebuild the package to improve quality or add more automation to the process to reduce cost. They implement custom strategies for your unique goals and needs.

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Categories: Industrial Packaging, Engineering Services

🎛 How Much Automation Do You Need on Your Packaging Line?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Oct 5, 2017

Automation has long been hailed as the future of manufacturing. In many ways, the future is now. Automation software, equipment, and systems are now widely used in a broad range of manufacturing activities, from design to assembly and even to packaging.

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Categories: Contract Packaging, Engineering Services

Poka Yoke Quality Assurance: How to Error-Proof Your Packaging ☑️

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Sep 28, 2017

Poka yoke is one of the many efficiency and quality assurance practices that arose from Toyota’s legendary production systems. It was popularized by manufacturing guru Shigeo Shingo, who first applied the practice with Toyota assembly line workers.

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Categories: Engineering Services

📦 How Much Does Custom Packaging Really Cost?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Sep 20, 2017

How much does it cost?

For most of us, it’s the first question we ask every time we make a purchasing decision. Even in the most basic buying situations, like shopping for groceries, our eyes naturally drift to the price tag before we grab an item off the shelf. In other instances, like shopping for homes or cars, the cost isn’t as straightforward, but it’s one of our first questions.

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Categories: Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging

Tough Packs Solved: Helping a Power Company Solve a Quality Dilemma ⚡️

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Most manufacturers and industrial companies are familiar with the quality issues that can arise from importing products and parts from overseas facilities. But what about the challenges that come with exporting your industrial components to a developing country?

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Categories: Industrial Packaging

Is Your Packaging Up to the Challenge of Club Store Distribution?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Sep 6, 2017

If you distribute your consumer goods product through major retail partners like Walmart or Target, you already know the challenging demands those retailers can make of their suppliers. They may place large purchase orders with tight turnaround times, or they could make packaging and design customization requests that strain your workflow.

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