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How to Comply with Military Standard 2073

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Nov 16, 2017

A government contract can be a windfall for nearly any manufacturer. That’s especially true if it’s a contract for military parts or supplies. These types of contracts usually lead to consistent, high-volume work and regular, predictable cash flow, two things that can help your business grow.

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Why Now is the Right Time to Make the Switch to Returnable Dunnage

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Nov 9, 2017

Cardboard. Shredded paper. Bubble wrap. Styrofoam peanuts. You probably know them as the excess materials you have to throw away every time you open a package. Dunnage is a necessary component in most packages. It protects the container contents from vibration, moisture, and other quality risks.

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📦 How Much Does Custom Packaging Really Cost?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Sep 20, 2017

How much does it cost?

For most of us, it’s the first question we ask every time we make a purchasing decision. Even in the most basic buying situations, like shopping for groceries, our eyes naturally drift to the price tag before we grab an item off the shelf. In other instances, like shopping for homes or cars, the cost isn’t as straightforward, but it’s one of our first questions.

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4 Tips to Meet Retailers’ Last-Minute Packaging Demands ⏱

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Aug 31, 2017

A purchase order from a major retailer can often be a case of good news, bad news. The good news is obvious. An order from a large retailer can mean a boost in cash flow and the opportunity to distribute your products to a mass audience. Shelf space at a retailer like Walmart, Target, or Costco can revolutionize your business.

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Categories: Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, Custom Packaging

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