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🔨 3 Reasons Why You Should Work With Industrial Packaging Engineers

Posted by Bill Morgan on Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Every successful industrial company understands the value of a skilled and experienced engineer. You probably employ engineers in a number of different capacities. You may have engineers involved in areas including product design, project management, and supply chain, to name a few.

But do you have engineers involved in your packaging process? There’s no doubt that packaging is an important piece of the puzzle. After all, whether you’re shipping products to customers or shipping parts to your own job sites, quality is the key to a successful outcome.

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🔄 Rotable Packaging 101: The Best Solution You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted by Bill Morgan on Mon, Mar 6, 2017

For many industrial companies, there’s nothing quite as valuable as a regular, consistent, large-volume customer. Such a customer provides regular cash flow, predictable work, and a bit a of certainty in what can often be an uncertain business environment.

Repeat customers may form the foundation of your business. If so, every shipment you send to those customers should represent a fresh cash flow and increased profitability. However, what if you’re actually sacrificing profitability and suppressing your margins with those repeat shipments?

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Think You Need to Hire a Packaging Engineer? 🛠 Read This First

Posted by Bill Morgan on Mon, Feb 6, 2017

You develop a high-quality product that fills an important need in your market. You implement a production process that delivers quick turnaround times and protects your margins. All the pieces are in place to have a high level of success.

All the pieces, that is, except your packaging. It may seem like a simple finishing step, but packaging has the potential to make or break your success. It can impact quality, costs, delivery times, and even your risk exposure. High-quality and efficiently-produced packaging can enhance your success. Poorly designed packaging can sink your chances.

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Should Your Aviation Engineer Also Be Your Packaging Engineer?

Posted by Bill Morgan on Tue, Jan 10, 2017

Rocket scientist. Brain surgeon. We’ve all heard and used these jobs as examples of “genius” positions. Add aviation engineer to the mix. Aviation engineers have to know their stuff because very often, lives literally depend on the outcome. Planes have to meet rigorous safety and quality standards, which means the parts in those planes also must be carefully vetted. It’s up to aviation engineers to design those parts to meet rigid specifications.

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Packaging Technology Step-by-Step: How to Optimize Your Entire Process

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Dec 14, 2016

The holiday season is here, which means it’s also the time of year to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, you’ve probably seen firsthand how technology has changed the holiday season. There was a time when a kid’s holiday list was filled with the most popular toys. Now those lists are filled with tablets, smart apparel, and even virtual reality headsets.

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Beyond Recycled Materials: How to Make More Sustainable Packaging

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Oct 5, 2016

The verdict is in: Your customers want responsible, sustainable packaging. For years, sustainability has been a hot topic in the packaging world, especially for B2C businesses. However, it hasn’t always been clear how much concerns about sustainability translate into actual buying decisions.

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How to Design Your Dunnage & Packaging to Reduce Your Labor Costs

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Remember the movie Cast Away? It’s the one in which Tom Hanks is a FedEx executive who survives a plane crash and ends up stranded on a deserted island. You may not remember the movie’s opening minutes. Hanks’s character is on the job in an international FedEx facility during the busy holiday shipping rush. He and his fellow FedEx employees are obsessed with every possible second they can cut from the delivery timeline.

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3 Reasons to Use Crate Engineering Software to Design Your Packaging

Posted by Bill Morgan on Tue, Sep 20, 2016

Your success likely depends on your ability to design and produce quality products for your customers. They have high standards and they expect your products to meet those standards every time. How do you ensure that your production process will always meet those high-quality benchmarks?

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Beyond Visuals: 3 Important Packaging Design Considerations

Posted by Bill Morgan on Wed, Feb 24, 2016

Packaging design. When you read those words, what comes to mind? The appearance of the package? How it looks on the shelf? The colors, branding, and overall aesthetic? Those are all important components, but packaging design goes well beyond the visual.

An effective package needs to look good. It needs to pop off the shelf and catch your buyer’s attention. But it also has to be functional. It needs to protect and showcase your product. Even more, it needs to be produced in a way that is flexible enough to meet changing demand and in a manner that won’t break your budget.

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Packaging your new product launch: A 4-step process

Posted by Bill Morgan on Thu, Feb 18, 2016

Launching a new product soon? Four things to consider as you plan your packaging process:

  • The Middle Ground: How much do you invest in automation? How do you find the balance between automation investment and manual labor?
  • Labor plan: Demand can change quickly when you launch a new product. Do you have the labor flexibility to adjust on the fly?
  • Going big: What is your permanent packaging solution when the launch phase is over and you’re ready to meet mass demand on a long-term basis?
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